Cyberweek 2007 – The biggest Online Dispute Resolution ODR Forum

The 10th edition of ODR Cyberweek, Cyberweek 2007, will occur October 15 – 19, 2007. Cyberweek consists of many different kinds of activities and opportunities, from Skypecasts to Podcasts to discussion forums and more, all related to the topic of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR). Cyberweek is a free all-online conference and we invite you join us in both asynchronous and real-time events. Last year, we had several hundred participants from over forty countries Last year’s program is still accessible.

MONDAY October 15, (Kick Off at 00.00 GMT/UTC) – A preview on the new SmartSettle One software and an e-Negotiation contest

TUESDAY October 16, 17.00 GMT/UTC – Online Dispute Resolution: Remedy of Choice in the Global Digital Marketplace (InternetBar Organization Webcast): The Real Opportunity for Neutrals to Build Business in the Global Marketspace of Online Dispute Resolution

TUESDAY October 16, 21.00 UTC/GMT- Online Mediation Role Play Workshop: Live role play demonstration utilizing audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and a collaborative web platform to deliver an interactive presentation to demonstrate online mediation and mediator training.

WEDNESDAY, October 17, 19.00 UTC/GMT – 40 ADR web sites in 60 minutes: Panel presentation with Geofff Sharp, Diane Levin, Robert Ambrogi, Colm Brannagan, Gini Nelson and John DeBruyn utilizing audio conferencing, desktop sharing, and a browser tour of the 40 sites.

Cyberweek Plenary Discussions – (1) Cardinal Issues of ODR – Keynote plenary Monday with Dan Rainey, head of Mediation Services with the National Mediation Board ; (2) Access to Justice; (3) EHealth and Digital Medical Records; (4) ODR Training; (5) IBO Discussions

More information about Cyberweek events will be posted soon.

Ethan Katsh
National Center for Technology and Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts

More information: 10th annual Cyberweek website.

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