Distance Learning ODR Course

E-Arbitration-T, the University of Massachusetts and the ODR – Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution are pleased to announce the Online Dispute Resolution distance learning course during the spring 2005 semester.

A detailed outline of the course can be found at the ODR – Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution

The course will be taught by Daniel Rainey, Director of Alternative Dispute Resolution Services at the National Mediation Board.

Dispute Resolution

A comprehensive overview of the modern practice of online dispute resolution (ODR) around the world. Participants will learn about the history and development of ODR, the current state of the field, and advantages and disadvantages of using online techniques to resolve disputes. The syllabus will systematically explore several types of ODR platforms in use around the world. Including automated negotiation, solution databases, and virtual meeting rooms. Participants will also get a chance to try out the tools used to practice ODR, giving them a chance to confront common practice challenges and overcome frequently-encountered difficulties. The course will involve several role-plays, and each participant will have a chance to participate in these simulations as both a third-party neutral and a disputant. At the conclusion of the course all of the participants will receive a certificate indicating their completion of the training and summarizing the work completed. Instructor: Daniel Rainey Email: danielrainey@comcast.net

Contact Alan Gaitenby (gaitenby@disputes.net) at the Center if you have questions.

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