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Year 2002 – eLexPortal provides users with tailored answers about national e-Commerce regulation throughout the EU. LUXEMBOURG eLexPortal.com, the e-Commerce Legislation and Regulatory Policy Portal run in partnership by two European specialist firms, ERIN S.A. and Cullen International S.A. with the support of the European Commission, is now live with full coverage of national legislation on e-Commerce. This Portal provides non-specialist entrepreneurs and business people with information about variations in the legislative and regulatory aspects relating to eCommerce across the EU in a user-friendly manner.

Mr Robert Verrue, Director-General of the ECs DG INFSO, referred to eLexPortal during the SME Union Workshop held in the European Parliament on 18th February, as a European Commission action to enhance trust and confidence of EU entrepreneurs and citizen about e-Commerce.

eLexPortal.com offers a single entry point for visitors giving data on policy and regulation in all the EU member states, a Directory service, sources of information and links to relevant WebSites. National legislation and regulations are collected by experts in each EU Member State. The result is legal information available and tailored by means of a Regulatory Engine which gives clear explanations on e-Commerce regulatory issues for the business entrepreneur, with specific relevance to particular business activities and processes.

With the implementation of national legislation on e-Commerce we are now able to offer free of charge complete information covering the 15 EU member countries says Geoffrey Thompson, Managing Director of ERIN and Project Director of eLexPortal. Besides the cross-border aspects of e-Commerce, which are often pre-eminent due to its transnational nature, eLexPortal can be an effective support tool for e-entrepreneurs in their home market. Jan H. Guettler, a Director of Cullen International, stated that: Identifying and selecting the relevant legislation for each European regulatory context entailed a grate deal of effort by our EU-wide network of national experts, but we are now there. According to Mike Dickinson, the eLexPortal Project Manager: we are carrying out awareness-raising actions to enhance the prominence of this effective tool. As far as we know in Europe there is no analogous service for small and medium enterprises, for free.

Project summary

The project supporting eLexPortal.com is funded as an Accompanying Measure of the Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme which is a single, integrated research programme managed by the Information Society Directorate General of the European Commission, building on the convergence of information processing, communications and media technologies. The European Commission has committed ERIN S.A. to manage the initiative. ERIN S.A. is an Internet technology company specialising in complex information management and dissemination projects in multicultural environments and in producing multi-lingual publishing solutions based on Internet technologies, interactive on-line communities, and traditional publishing techniques.

On the contents side, the eLexPortal.com is powered by Cullen International S.A., a specialist in regulations and regulatory information systems covering electronic commerce and multimedia as well as telecommunications regulations within the Europe and the United States.

Additional support activities will soon be implemented including a HelpDesk, the collection and publication of best practice by way of case studies, providing links and interfaces to existing on-line sources of information, as well as generating on-line tutorials for users of the eLexPortal.com regulatory engine.

URL: www. eLexPortal.com

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